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In addition to getting the non-principal operator classification, multi-car discount, driver training, and good student discounts, there are several other premium saving strategies of which you should be aware when you compare the general auto insurance rates online.

If you must have your own insurance policy, your first car should be a standard performance vehicle and not a sports car or a modified hot rod. In addition to the fact that the comprehensive and collision coverages will be twice the normal rates, many insurance companies simply will not accept the added risk of covering such vehicles and you could find yourself needlessly in the assigned risk pool.

For example, if your rate factor was 2.00 and you had a choice between owning a standard performance vehicle and a sports car, the physical damage premium would be almost double the standard annual amount—$440 versus only $240.

However, if you insist on owning a sports model, the smart thing to do is to start off with a standard performance vehicle. Once you are officially accepted by the company (sixty or more days of coverage), and given an insurance policy, you could then switch over to the type of car you originally had in mind. Don’t forget that if you must carry the physical damage coverages, that portion of your premium will definitely shoot up. However, if you don’t carry the comprehensive and collision coverages at this time, there are no differences between the rates for owning the different types of car.

In most cases, after sixty days, the insurance company will have to keep insuring you for at least three years. After that it could cancel your policy for driving an unacceptable vehicle.

Another point to remember is that when adding a youthful driver to the parents’ policy, try to have the son or daughter rated on the oldest or least valuable vehicle. In addition to the non-principal operator savings and the other related discounts previously mentioned, this adjustment will save a family at least another 10 percent and sometimes even more. In a two-car family with an 18-year-old son who occasionally drives, there would be a big difference in the final premium if he was rated on some clunker rather than on the brand new car.

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If, on the other hand, the son were rated on the old clunker while the parents were rated on their new car, the final annual premium would be $596 or $96 less for an additional 14 percent savings.

The preceding rating method saved an additional 14 percent on top of the non-principal operator credit, multi-car discount, driver training and good student discounts, which in themselves saved this youthful driver and his family well over 50 percent. Compare the general auto insurance rates from the leading insurers in your state now.