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Full-time student? You can save up to 35 percent a year simply by lowering your driving mileage to meet your state’s requirements and by registering the car in your parent’s name. This is without even allowing for the multi-car discount (two or more vehicles insured on the same policy), which can save both you and your parents an-other 20 percent! In addition, driver training and good student discounts (maintaining at least a B grade average) are available in all states and can save you another 5-10 percent if you’re under age 21.

General Auto Insurance Scam to Avoid

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Safe Driver? Here are the benefits of maintaining clean driving records. Since no one wants to be forced into paying more than necessary for general auto insurance, it is vitally important to have and maintain a perfect or near perfect (no more than a total of one at-fault accident or one moving violation) driving record over each three to five years. Most insurance companies judge your driving record over a three-year period, but there are a few that still use a five-year time frame. We think this is unnecessarily harsh and a bad deal for policyholders.

Another important point to remember is that if you’re a young newlywed couple under age 25, you could both save a lot of premium dollars just by registering and insuring the car in the wife’s name, since married males under age 25 have a rating factor anywhere from 15-50 percent higher than that of their spouse.

General Auto Insurance Reviews – Legit or Scam

Always compare a few quotes before making a decision. For example, a newlywed couple who are both age 21 and own a moderately priced car can save approximately $108 a year for the next four years by registering and insuring their car under her name ($468 premium for married males aged 21 — $360 premium for married females at any age = $108 annual savings or $432 over four years). Once the husband reaches age 25, it wouldn’t matter in whose name the car is registered, since married males age 25 and older have the same low rating factor as their wives. In this example, the husband’s premium would also be $360 when he turns age 25. Compare general car insurance reviews now!

Finally, young single females receive far better treatment at the hands of the insurance companies than their single male counterparts. It takes only 3 minutes to get your general auto insurance quote at

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