Commercial Auto and Business Auto Insurance

The ‘total payroll’ shall include all salaries, commissions, wages, compensation, or the cash equivalent of other considerations allowed to chauffeurs and other operators of automobiles for regular time, overtime, and piece work, and shall also include one-third of the amount charged by the assured for renting automobiles to others if the automobiles are rented without drivers.

Likewise, the ‘average annual wage’ per chauffeur shall be computed on the same basis as the ‘total payroll’ above mentioned,’ but the amount charged for renting commercial cars without drivers shall not be included. In the event that the named assured or any other person not employed as chauffeur or operator also drives commercial automobiles, each shall be regarded as an additional chauffeur for the purpose of computing the premium.

“The company’s printed Manual rates; shall apply to each commercial automobile classification covered at each location, but if at any location or in any commercial classification, the commercial automobiles are of various load capacities, the rate to be used in adjusting the premium shall be the average rate for the two or three load capacity groups involved during the policy period, which shall be determined by first multiplying the number of cars in each load capacity group by the rates for the respective groups, then adding the results, and finally dividing by the total number of cars in that particular location and classification.
“If the earned premium as computed above is greater than the advance premium, the assured shall immediately pay the additional premium to .the company; if less, the company shall return the unearned portion to the named assured; but in any event the company shall retain as the minimum annual premium the premium for the five

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