Commercial Auto Insurance – What Determines Your Rates

Find general auto insurance rates now. The automobile operations involved in the Directors conduct of a funeral director’s business shall be classified and treated as follows in writing insurance to cover the funeral director:

Owned Automobiles. Private Passenger Cars used by funeral directors for passenger carrying service (excluding automobiles used for public livery, taxicab, or bus work) shall be written for Public Liability and Property Damage at the rates shown on the State Rate Sheets for “Funeral Cars” and for Collision at the Private Passenger Collision rates. Policies may cover the liability of the named assured for the pleasure use of such automobiles. Busses used by funeral directors solely for funeral passenger carrying service shall be written at the Bus Rates less 50% for Public Liability, Property Damage and Collision. An endorsement to the following effect shall be used for both private passenger cars and busses:

In consideration of the reduced premium at which this policy is written it is hereby agreed that the automobiles described therein are and will be used by the Named Assured during the policy period only for purposes incidental to the Assured’s business of funeral director. This policy shall not apply if any such automobile is equipped with a taximeter or operated for hire at stands, hotels, stations, or public highways or other public resorts, or used in short haul and trip work at standard fares.” Combination automobiles used as mourners’ cars, hearses and invalid carriages shall be written at the rates applicable to the highest rated classification involved.

Hearses shall be written at the commercial light Class 4 rates less 25% for public liability and property damage except for the New York City territory for which refer to the New York State Rate Sheet.

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