Compulsory compensation insurance debates

The eminent jurists above referred to are in active practice, so active that it is a manifest impossibility for them to have given as much time and attention to the study of their subject as the foregoing statement implies. Compare cheap general auto insurance quotes online.

Moreover, their experience, although wide, has been in such lines that they were (and are) altogether unfamiliar with the practical operation of the workmen’s compensation law. Accordingly, when the project of compulsory compensation insurance was presented to them, persuasively, they did not stop to study it themselves but recommended it as a subject for investigation by a legislative commission.

An opinion highly derogatory to “compensation, regardless of fault,” for automobile accidents is entirely consistent with the highest regard for the jurists in question. In this connection it is significant that the New York Legislature deliberately refrained from acting in accordance with that recommendation.

Instead, it found more promise of good in two measures relative to responsibility for automobile accidents, one to adopt the New Hampshire automobile accident security law and the other to deny a driver’s license or automobile registration to any person against whom there may be of record, unstayed and unsatisfied, a judgment for damages resulting from an automobile accident. The second of these measures was passed by the Legislature but vetoed by the Governor on the ground, it is reported, that he deemed it too severe, in that it put no limit on the amount of the judgment which the judgment-debtor would have to satisfy or be forever barred from use of the highways.

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