Compulsory insurance tends to drive old cars from the highways

Then, the article expatiates upon the dangers from the use of old and broken down cars, and represents (by accompanying illustrations and otherwise) that compulsory insurance tends to drive such cars from the highways. It is true that the cost of compulsory insurance does tend to exclude from the highways, old, used, cheap cars (whether broken down or not), since the owners of such cars are apt to be too poor to afford insurance, and thereby does tend to reduce the number of financially irresponsible motor vehicle owners. Find affordable general car insurance rates.

But it is begging the question to assume that it also reduces dangers or is the best way to exclude defective cars. Old cars, so excluded, though shabby, may be light, low- powered, in good running order and safe, and, consequently, far less dangerous than new, heavy and high-powered cars when out of order. Massachusetts experience does not indicate that the effect of compulsory insurance in the way of excluding old cars tends to reduce accidents. The best way to deal with the danger from defective cars is through public inspection. The public money that would have-to be spent to compel insurance might do far more for the prevention of dangers if expended for inspections and policing.

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