Will compulsory insurance would result in a higher ratio of claims?

Further it is certain that compulsory insurance would result in a far higher ratio of claims and lawsuits to accidents than is the case under present conditions. Find general auto insurance quotes online.

It is a well-known fact that the “ambulance chasers” are most active in bringing claims against those who are insured. False and fraudulent claims would spring up like mushrooms, and malingering after trifling injuries would take on the nature of a science. Rightful claimants, who otherwise would be satisfied with reasonable damages, would then, knowing liability to be assured up to certain limits, expect the limit and settle for 110 less without suit.

For obvious reasons, suits by wives against husbands and husbands against wives, by children against parents, parents against children, guests against their hosts, etc., would then be the rule rather than as now the exception. And juries, unquestionably, would give larger verdicts and decide doubtful questions of fact more generally in favor of claimants when they should know that the amount of their verdict would have to be met by a “wealthy” insurance company (which has collected premiums in advance for that very purpose), instead of by the defendant personally. Every lawyer knows that it is harder to get any verdict against a farmer or other person of modest means, from a jury of his neighbors, than it is to secure an exaggerated verdict against a distant- corporation.

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