Hired Auto Coverage

All Public Liability rates for Public automobiles contemplate the inclusion of coverage for Hazard injuries to persons carried (passenger hazard). If hired auto coverage for the passenger hazard is excluded by an endorsement attached to the policy the Public Liability premium shall be reduced 50% for all classes of public automobiles except driverless cars; but no reduction shall be made in the Property Damage and Collision premiums.

If the resulting Public Liability rate is less than the Private Passenger car rate, when the automobile to be insured is of the Private Passenger car type or is less than the Commercial car rate when the automobile to be insured is of the Taxicab or Bus type, then the Private Passenger or the Commercial car rate, respectively,1 shall be charged.

Compulsory Various states and municipalities have Insurance enacted laws and ordinances requiring operators 1 of Public automobiles to furnish policies of insurance. The policy limits and coverage required by these laws and ordinances are frequently at variance with the Manual. In such cases, the risks should be referred to the company for special consideration.

For a P. D. limit of $500, the rate shall be one dollar less than the rate for the standard $5,000 limit. No further reduction is permitted for limits below &500.

Taxicabs owned by one assured, a policy may be written for Public Liability and Property Damage insurance (but not for Collision insurance) on the Mileage Basis to cover all metered Taxicabs owned by the assured during the policy term. Rates on the Mileage Basis will be found in the State Rate Sheets and shall apply to the total mileage developed by audit; i. ะต., to dead and live mileage combined.

The advance premium for Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance shall be based upon the estimated total mileage for the policy period. The earned premium shall be based upon the total mileage developed by audit. The minimum annual premium for the policy shall be 75% of the total of the specified car premiums for each Taxicab insured, such minimum premium to be not less, in any event, than the specified car premium for the five highest rated Taxicabs owned by the assured at the inception of the policy.

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