How to Find Cheap Truck Insurance

If a private passenger car—at 40% less than the Private Livery premiums for Public Liability and Property Damage subject to minimum premiums equal to the premiums for a ” Y” car in the territory, and at the full Private Livery Premiums for Collision. Compare rates.

If persons other than members, guests or employees are carried also, the automobile shall be written at the full Bus premium, depending upon the carrying capacity.

Gasoline Busses operated on tracks by Gasoline railroad or transportation companies shall be written at the regular Bus premiums.

“Trackless trolleys” (busses propelled by electricity from overhead wires) shall be written at the full premiums for gasoline buses.

Busses owned by real estate dealers or promoters and operated only for the purpose of carrying prospective purchasers of property to view property without charging a fare shall be written at 50% of the bus rates. Any policy written in accordance with this rule shall specifically limit the operation of the buses as herein described.

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