If you are injured while riding a car as a guest

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If you are injured while riding as a guest in a two- or three-car collision, your claim should be made against all automobile owners and operators. Let them fight it out amongst themselves to determine who was responsible. Compare general auto insurance rates.

Unauthorized passengers. In a number of situations, the courts have held that a driver exceeds his authority if he invites someone to ride in his employer’s truck. On the other hand, in those cases where an employer has acquiesced to or sanctioned the transportation of riders by his employees, the owner of the truck may be liable in the event of injury.

That is why you often see signs on trucks—”No Riders.”
Contributory negligence of passengers. In those cases where a passenger interferes with the driver in the operation of a car, obviously the guest could be guilty of contributory negligence. A passenger may be chargeable with contributory negligence when he is aware of the danger which results in the accident, but fails to take steps to protect himself.

Assumption of risk. Sometimes in passenger cases they have a fancy name for contributory negligence. They call it “assumption of risk.” If a passenger assumes certain risks which result in an accident, then he is not allowed to recover damages against the driver of a car. Examples would arise where a car was being driven on a much traveled highway at night without lights or at a high speed on an icy and dangerous highway.

A passenger has the duty to observe and warn of danger. He has the duty to protest the negligent or unlawful acts of the driver of a car. Sometimes you will hear experienced lawyers or insurance men on a motor trip, when the car is being driven at a high rate of speed, or where they may have had a near-accident, jokingly say, “I protest.” Theoretically, such a protest is supposed to protect the passenger’s rights in the event there is an accident.

Sometimes it pays to be a “back-seat driver,” If the driver of the car is doing something pretty bad and you say nothing—your silence might defeat your claim.

One-car accidents. If you are injured while riding as a passenger in an automobile where there is no other vehicle involved in the accident, you must show that your driver was legally to blame for the accident.

There are instances where a guest loses out where the accident k caused by unknown defects in the car.

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