Propaganda for mandatory car insurance

That article follows the methods of old- fashioned patent medicine advertising. It paints conditions under existing laws and insurance practices in lurid colors, and then contrasts them with ideal conditions, which the reader is misled by statements and conclusions, probably presented in utmost good faith but which are essentially fictions and half-truths, to assume would result, as if by magic, from the adoption of compulsory insurance. Find cheap general car insurance coverage online.

Such presentations of the case for compulsory insurance have a wide appeal, since they suit the popular craving for novelty and sensations. To present the other side thus popularly is impossible, because contradiction entails a descent from the pleasing realms of fancy to the dry plane of facts and figures. But, since the field should not be abandoned to fictions altogether, the following analysis of some of the salient features in the article above cited is submitted for the benefit of those who seek to distinguish the real from the fanciful.

The article starts with an emotional description of the delays of our courts in disposing of automobile litigations and of the hardships of our law relative to liability for automobile accidents. That description is distorted and misleading because of what it ignores.

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