Why Buy Non-Owned & Hired Auto Insurance Coverage

Risks involving the renting of automobiles both with and without drivers to be insured on the combination payroll and earnings basis shall ,be submitted to the company for rating on application forms filled put and signed by the assured. Red on on our Insurance 101 blog.

The specified car rates for automobiles rented both with and without drivers shall be the private livery premiums for coverage for Owner Only and 150% of the private livery premiums for coverage for Owner and Hirer, except that in those states where the driverless earnings rates are the same for Owner Only as for Owner and Hirer, the specified car rates shall be 150% of the private livery premiums regardless of the form of coverage provided.

All risks shall be subject to merit and/or experience rating in accordance with the provisions of the “Garage Rating Plan” Rule in the Garage Section and of the “Experience Rating” Rule in the Miscellaneous Rules Section.
Collision insurance shall be written on the specified car basis at three times the corresponding Private Passenger Collision Premiums.

All driverless car policies shall exclude coverage while the hirer uses the cars hired, to carry passengers for a consideration.

Automobiles of the private passenger or Delivery and commercial type used for Rural Free Delivery and also to carry passengers for a consideration while covering the delivery route shall be written at the private livery rates provided the seating capacity of such automobiles is seven or less and provided the policy specifically limits the carrying of passengers to exclude public livery and bus work.

In no event shall the private livery rates be charged if the rates applicable to the classes of work for which, such automobiles are used are higher.

If such automobiles have a seating capacity of eight or more the bus rates shall be charged except for collision on commercial automobiles for which charge the public livery rates.

Touring bus type used to transport tourists and other Cars passengers on long distance tours, or sight seeing trips shall be submitted to the company for rating. If the automobile is used to transport passengers between fixed termini on a schedule basis, see the Interurban Bus Rule.

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