Workmen’s Compensation

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From the hazardous nature of the work performed, garage employees in all states will probably be subject to work men’s compensation legislation. The liability imposed on the garage by these statutes should be insured under a workmen’s compensation policy. Therefore, the GLP, in common with other types of liability general auto insurance quote, excludes “any obligation for which the insured or any carrier as his insurer may be held liable under any workmen’s compensation law.” (Also excluded is any liability arising under “unemployment compensation or disability benefits law, or under any similar law.” All these come under the heading of social insurance, which is not the province of the GLP.)
Since the standard workmen’s compensation policy automatically includes employers’ liability insurance protection that a garage might need for occupational diseases, injuries to clerical employees, or other exposures not within the scope of workmen’s compensation legislation the GLP contains a further exclusion applicable to injuries to “any employee of the insured arising out of and in the course of his employment by the insured.” This governs medical payments coverage as well as bodily injury liability coverage. Get you general auto insurance quote!
Finally, with respect to medical payments insurance alone, coverage is excluded on any person who is an employee of a garage (either the insured’s or any other) if the accident arises out of a garage operation that is covered by workmen’s compensation.
We have already seen that this coverage is bailee liability insurance for damage to property in charge of the garage and that it applies only to collision and upset perils. Therefore, loss “caused directly or indirectly by fire or theft” is specifically excluded. Being bailee insurance only, it naturally cannot apply to automobiles or other property owned by or rented to the insured or to new cars being driven or transported from the factory or distributor to the insured sales agency.

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The coverage is intended primarily for customers’ cars temporarily in possession of the garage for repairs, servicing, or storage.
There are twenty conditions in the GLP, as compared with twenty- six in the BAP. Surprisingly enough, the Garage policy is the simpler and shorter of the two contracts, although it applies to premises, products, operations, and elevators, as well as to automobiles, is much broader in extent of coverage, and in general has to deal with a much more complex risk situation. This relative simplicity is due largely to the fact that (l) coverage on automobiles is blanket and (2) physical damage insurance is omitted. Most of the conditions notice of accident, limits of liability, assistance and co-operation, action against the company, changes, etc. are essentially, if not exactly, the same in both contracts. Therefore, attention will be given here only to points of difference.

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