The General Car Insurance Company is a Scam??

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About The General

The General Car Insurance markets its services toward a special class of drivers who are denied coverage by major insurance companies or charged exorbitant rates. Many of these motorists have several previous moving violations, DUI charges, bad credit, or other unfortunate characteristics which classify them as “high risk” drivers.

The General is known by several names, including Permanent General Assurance Corp, The General Auto Insurance Company Inc., A-1 General Insurance, and Permanent General Insurance Corp of Ohio. These all fall under The General Automobile Insurance Services, Inc., which is a subsidiary of PGC Holdings Corp.


AM Best, one of the most reliable financial ratings companies in business today, has given The General a rating of –A (or “Excellent”). This means that the company is financially stable and will have very little trouble following through on compensating claims.

Other advantages of The General include the ability for potential customers to obtain a policy quote anonymously online and a flexible payment plan. Customers can start their policy with a low down payment and monthly payments which are automatically deducted from credit, debit, and checking accounts electronically.

Furthermore, they assist customers with SR-22 filings in required states, and even offer money-saving discounts to those motorists who qualify. The General also provides clients with the ability to file claims online.


There are very few auto insurance companies which cater to the secondary risk pool of drivers, and this lack of choice may frustrate some motorists. Due to the minimal level of competition from other companies, the priorities of The General may be oriented more toward keeping the company financially solvent rather than keeping customer satisfaction high.

This may explain why customer service feedback regarding The General is not always positive. The loudest complaints come from drivers who continue to receive moving violations or get into collisions after obtaining coverage from The General. Often, their premiums will increase dramatically or their coverage will be cancelled. The best way to avoid this is to minimize risky driving behaviors.

Although The General has a high financial stability rating, their willingness to pay out claims varies from driver to driver. Claims may be denied based on past driving history and whether or not the claim filed marks a first-time offense.


It can be difficult for “high risk” drivers to find affordable auto insurance coverage, or any sort of coverage for that matter. The General Car Insurance tries to provide coverage for those who have been denied by major auto insurance providers or cannot afford the high risk premiums which these companies charge. The company is financially sound and offers flexible payment plans. Additionally, a quick, anonymous quote can be easily obtained by visiting the company’s website.

But their customer service reviews are not always positive. However, it should be noted that many of these negative reviews come from disgruntled customers who have seen drastic increases in their premiums or who have had their coverage cancelled by continuing to drive in a high-risk manner. Such problems may not be a concern for those who keep their driving record clean.

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